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Enrollment Begins July, 2022

Integrated Social & Sexual Health Institute

Clinical Sexology Coaching Certification  

The certified clinical sexology & relationship coach certification program is a comprehensive eight-level curriculum course that has 42 courses, 25 training videos, 10 ask the expert videos, and 30 lectures. Combined, the master’s program curriculum represents over 300 hrs of material.  

Integrated Social & Sexual Health Institute is a self-paced school, allowing students to study at their own pace. Study material, quizzes, lectures, and exams are available online 24 hrs a day providing easy access to our students. Our students have completed the program anywhere from 60 hrs. to 1 year.  It is possible to complete the entire course in 10 weeks.  Students are required to submit a practicum, essays, and exams to receive their certification.

Once passed, all of the material is accessible to the graduates for further studying and reviewing.

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