Brown Sugar Confessions Radio Show

Sex and relationships can be intimidating subjects to discuss. 


Clinical Sexologist, Author, & Sexual Researcher Dr. Val along with co-hosts Tricey, Kay Dee, Jenny C, and Miss T in partnership with radio station Power 101.7 talk about the latest in sexual health & research, intimacy, relationships, funny facts and current hot topics.  Brown Sugar Confessions is a one-hour radio show that airs every Wednesday at 11:00 pm est. 


Each episode is fun, educational, relatable and inspiring. Listen in as we discuss and interview experts who share their knowledge on building successful relationships and educating listeners on how to have great sex regardless of gender, race, or culture.    


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Meet The Host


Dr. Val Host

Founder & host of Brown Sugar Confessions. Dr. Val is a clinical sexologists', sexual researcher, author & motivational speaker. 

Jenny C

Jenny C is an actress, comedian, voiceover & award winning performance artist.  She is the creator of the Dance to Heal Wellness Program and podcast "Dance to Heal"; Transformation through movement with Jenny C. Cohen" Please visit for more info. 



Trice lives in upstate New York but is a Texas woman at heart. That means a big heart, sweetness, lots of laughs with a side of realness.  


Kay Dee

Kay Dee, a Philly native, brings a fresh perspective on love and Blackness through the lens of an urban geriatric Millennial. An avid lover of video games, wine and sex. You never know which way her opinion may sway. 

Miss T

Miss T is the resident hipster nerd and the unofficial “baby” of the show.  Currently calling Atlanta, GA home, she’s kind, caring, and questions everything.  

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