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Committed to Sexual Wellness & Relationships

The Swann Center dedication is healing relationships and sexual wellness. The Swann Center works with individuals and couples to address their biggest challenges in sex, relationships and dating by offering sex coaching, tantric, retreats and wellness in a safe place without shame or guilt.  We work with you on any sexual concern by focusing on the whole person in a confidential & normalizing approach. 


Sex Coaching is a professional style~blending the best of sexology (“the what”) with life coaching (“the how”). Think of it as part psycho-sexual education and coaching with a powerful drive to let you reach your goals.  We work from your current & future concerns customizing steps that will fulfill your relationship & sexual goals.


Are you experiencing any of these

concerns in your sexual relationship?  

  • Sexless relationship

  • Intimacy-deprived relationships

  • Early ejaculation

  • No Orgasm

  • No or Low Sex Drive

  • Erectile Dysfunction

  • Sexual Trauma

  • Low Sexual Confidence

  • Women In Transition

  • Infidelity 

  • Cancer Survivors

  • Physically Challenged

  • Emotionally Challenged

  • Porn Addiction

  • Painful Intercourse

  • Menopause 

  • Sexual Shame

  • Emotional Disconnect

  • Age & Sex Concerns

  • Sex Education

  • Sexual Exploration

  • Sexual Identity



If you have answered yes to any of these concerns you are not alone.  Our certified sex coaches & practitioners will work with you and your partner at our office or online addressing your sexual concerns. 


Email us today to book your 30 min session today. 

Our Background

How We Got Our Start

Gerhard & Dr. Valerie Poppel are the founders of the Swann Center.  They are clinical sexologist, sex coaches, and certified sexuality educators.


Dr. Valerie & Gerhard coach singles and couples helping with all sexual concerns.  They specialize in coaching clients on the autism spectrum scale, sexual dysfunction, sexual matters, and veterans.  Additionally, as a couple, they provide expertise to leading organizations, companies, and the media ensuring a comprehensive approach to sexuality.  They also design and present international training programs and workshops.


Throughout the years, Dr. Valerie & Gerhard have been featured in numerous conferences, television shows, and other media within their respective fields of expertise.


The Swann Center works with individuals and couples to address their most significant challenges in sex, relationships, and dating.  The Swann Center philosophy of total mind and body transformation utilizes sex coaching, massage, fitness thru Dr. Valerie trademarked Sambabelly & Bellydance classes, beauty & wellness.


Their mission is to be your advocate in fulfilling your sexual desire and concerns.  The Swann Center formula is comprised of building blocks to help you be your authentic sexual self.


Through our experiential and practical methods, you will discover what you want around sex, intimacy, and relationship and move past whatever is holding you back so you can go out and get it!


They work from the present to your future delivering results that are fast-paced, client -orientated, result-focused, team-centered, non-judgmental, wholesome and designed for overall wellness.   They do not center their clients around diagnosis or illness, de-pathologizing or non-medicalizing models.


They specialize in sexually-affirming methods either virtual or in-person.  Committing to you, and your partner by building great relationships and profoundly fulfilling sexual experiences is our mission. 


There is no greater success for your awakening than becoming fully alive sexually within a safe and loving relationship.

Swann Center Services

Exceeding Your Expectations

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Sex Coaching

Here For You

This is one of our most popular services available. 

Our sex coaching service is safe, confidential and nonjudgmental.  We work from the present to your future delivering results that are fast-paced, client-centered, result-focused, team-centered and designed for overall wellness.  


Sex coaching addresses your mind, body, spirit, emotions, and energy for heightened sexual pleasure and satisfaction.  Present-centered, impact-focused, interdisciplinary, and future-oriented, this holistic practice uses a collaborative, cognitive-behavioral approach to better sex and sexual healing. 

Tantric Intimacy

Mind Blowing Technique

Frequently utilized by most of our clients.  Tantric relationship can be powerful, profoundly connecting and transformative.  Tantra encourages soul-filled spiritual sexuality that merges into one.  Individuals & Couples are gently coached to expand their ability to move through limiting beliefs, blocks, and fears, and create more connectivity, fulfillment, depth, and pleasure in all aspects of their authentic sexual self.

Therapy Session
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Workshops & Seminars

Two Workshops per Month

The Swann Center host monthly workshops that you may attend in person or online.  We present various topics from sexual techniques,   physically challenged intimacy to BDSM.  Our workshops are 'suitable for couples, individuals, and all sexual orientations.  Guest instructors, clinical sexologist or Dr, present our courses.  Register below to learn more

2 Amazing Couples Retreats

Roatan, Honduras & Egypt

Join Us in Paradise On the Beautiful Island of Roatan

 8 Days & 7 Nights

April 10- 17, 2020

Only $5,900.00 couple

All inclusive except airfare

Addressing sexual concerns in relationships to prevent separation is our goal. With the right guidance and wisdom by your side, anything is possible.
That’s why we, at  The Swann Center are setting our life-changing, intensive retreats into motion, allowing you and your partner to unwind in the tranquility of a high-end, exclusive resort. We’ll get you into the right mindset, working with you every day on various topics that are holding your relationship back from its full potential.

Luxury Couple Retreat in Ancient Egypt
December 13th -20th 2020

              9 nights & 10 days $6500.pp double occupancy
3 night in Cairo at 5 star hotel. Includes full breakfast 6 nights on 5 star Dahabiya sailing down the Nile.

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