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Helping you reach your goals in sex, love & relationships

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Dr. Valerie Poppel, Clinical Sexologist, Sexual Researcher, Radio Personality & Relationship Expert

Committed to Sexual Wellness & Relationships

Mindfulness, Love, Sex & Relationships

The Swann Center dedication is healing relationships and sexual wellness. The Swann Center works with individuals and couples to address their biggest challenges in sex, relationships and dating by offering sex coaching, tantric, retreats and wellness in a safe place without shame or guilt.  We work with you on any sexual concern by focusing on the whole person in a confidential & normalizing approach. 


Sex Coaching is a professional style~blending the best of sexology (“the what”) with life coaching (“the how”). Think of it as part psycho-sexual education and coaching with a powerful drive to let you reach your goals.  We work from your current & future concerns customizing steps that will fulfill your relationship & sexual goals.


Meet Dr. Val & Gerhard

Gerhard & Dr. Valerie Poppel are the founders of the Swann Center and Integrated Social & Sexual Health Institute.  They are clinical sexologists, sex coaches, and certified sexuality educators.


Dr. Valerie & Gerhard coach singles and couples helping with all sexual concerns.  They specialize in coaching clients on the autism spectrum scale, sexual dysfunction, sexual matters, and veterans. 

“Our life is shaped by our mind, for we become what we think.”



Zoom Appointments are Available 


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I learned so much in such a short period time..  Very fun and energetic  ThankYou!!!


Absolutely brilliant!...thank you so much! Wonderful content taught brilliantly


Dr. Val saved my marriage.  She really listens and didn't judge me. 

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